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How Elsevier and the International Diabetes Foundation Partnership is WIN-WIN

Here’s the news: MONTREAL, CANADA — 10/21/09 — The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is pleased to announce a new publishing partnership with Elsevier, world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. From 2010, the Elsevier-published journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice will become the Official Journal of the International Diabetes Federation.,1008765.shtml#

Its win-win since both Elsevier and the IDF who gain these benefits:

Benefits for IDF:
The IDF has been around for 50+ years, but generates (publishes) very little new knowledge. Its DIABETES ATLAS is only in its 3rd edition, and only sells for 10Euros. IDF also has a quarterly newsletter. The venerable society now publishes a venerable journal too. Soon its sphere of influence will increase.

IDF members have better access to a top journal indexed in PubMed and MEDLINE for the papers.
The IDF receives considerable support (US$ 700,000< ) from its 17 corporate partners (mostly large pharmaceutical and health-industry corporations). The partnership increases the value of IDF to its supporters and insures future support.

Benefits for Elsevier:
Elsevier gets the brand. They can now leverage the IDF brand to create other new publications related to diabetes. Instant credibility and market acceptance.
Increased circulation: IDF is an umbrella organization affiliated with WHO, and representing 200 different diabetes associations in 160 countries. Assuming 300 members for each local association means a constituency of at least 60,000 members. Elsevier can now easily market the Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice (as the official journal of the IDF) to its members and member’s institutions.
Better Bibliometrics since higher circulation will result in a higher H-Index (Hirsch Index).
Elsevier improves its relationships with its large corporations who benefit from improved flow of information about new medical breakthroughs and medicines to the global diabetes community.


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